"Hidden Port" 9x12" oil. $500 Framed

"Gatekeeper" 20x10" acrylic. $600 Framed

"Stormfront III" 10x28" oil. $500 Framed

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"Above the Tallest Tree" 46x20" acrylic. $1.500 Unframed

"Stormfront I" 26x12" acrylic. Sold

"Bridge, Sudbury MA" 5x7"Oil. $150

"Kinhaven, VT" 8x10"Oil.

$300 Framed

"The Kill" 7.5x16" Oil.

$700 Framed

"Mill Pond, Westborough MA" 6x10" Oil.

$300 Framed

"Southern France, Sunset" 6x10" Oil.

$300 Framed

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