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I'm thrilled to announce that my first book, '30 Routines for the Modern Trombonist" is now in publication! Designed for trombonists from advanced high school level all the way to the professional, This method book is written differently from most others.


Organized somewhat like a cookbook or workout regiment, each routine breaks down a specific aspect of trombone playing and offers specific exercises designed to be done daily to maximize improvement. The first 24 routines focus on technical aspects of trombone playing, while the final 6 focus on specific audition excerpts asked regularly. All books come spiral bound for ease of use on a music stand.

Purchase your own copy for $19.99 + S/H






As a trombonist, Alex has studied under Toby Oft and Steve Lange of the Boston Symphony Orchestra, and Jeff Gray of the Rochester Philharmonic Orchestra. He currently maintains a private studio and performs regularly with many ensembles in and around Boston. He is also a founding member of the Boston Trombone Project, a professional trombone choir based in Boston.






Looking for a great warm up? Check out my daily warm up routine here!

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